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2008/9 Google Ambassador

Google has recently appointed Marco Gallotta as their Google ambassador for 2008/9.

The Google ambassador programme provides a direct link between Google and the Computer Science department, with the student serving as a liaison.

The following is an excerpt from Google's announcement:

We were, however, only able to select one student to represent Google on campus and we are proud to announce that we have chosen Marco Gallotta to be the Google Student Ambassador 2008/2009 at the University of Cape Town. Marco's application reflects his creativity, leadership skills and dedication to excellence and we look forward to working closely with him.

During his term as Google Student Ambassador Marco will work on a variety of interesting projects such organsing events that promote a closer relationship between Google and your university; serving as a technical resource for other students; and sharing Google product information and company announcements with the university community. We would greatly appreciate your continued support for the programme as well as Marco and trust it will serve to establish a strong and lasting relationship between Google and the University of Cape Town.

If you have any questions about anything related to Google, please feel contact Marco at

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