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Centre of Excellence in Broadband Networks and Applications

The objective of the Centre of Excellence (CoE) is to promote research, development and dissemination of technology in high bandwidth networks and their applications.

The major supporters of the project are Telkom SA Limited, Nokia Siemens Networks, Telesciences, and the Technology and Human Resources for Industry Programme (THRIP), a joint programme of the NRF and the Department of Trade and Industry.

The CoE incorporates some activities of the Collaborative Visual Computing, Digital Libraries and Data Network Architectures laboratories of this Department, as well as the Communications Group Laboratory in the Department of Electrical Engineering at UCT, and the Department of Computer Science at Stellenbosch. The details of the proposed research can be found under the programmes of the individual researchers and laboratories.

Current CS staff working in the centre are: Edwin Blake, Pieter Kritzinger, Gary Marsden, Hussein Suleman, Antoine Bagula, Hanh Le

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