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Alumni - Research Degrees Awarded

A list of PhDs and research Masters degrees (either MSc by dissertation only, MSc by coursework and dissertation or MPhil) awarded since 1989. This data was last updated on 13 November 2017.

Doctoral Graduates

Year Surname Initials Dissertation Title Supervisor Nationality
1991 Berman S. P-Pascal: A Data-Oriented Persistent Programming Language K MacGregor SA
1993 Wheeler G. Protocol Engineering from Estelle Specifications P. Kritzinger SA
1996 Mechanick P. An Object-Oriented Library for Shared- Memory Parallel Simulations H. Goosen SA
1997 Kabutz H. Analytical Performance Evaluation of Communicating Concurrent Systems using SDL and Stochastic Petri-Nets P. Kritzinger
2000 Mason A.E.W. Predictive Hierarchical Level of Detail Optimization E. Blake SA
2003 Nirenstein S. Fast and Accurate Visibility Preprocessing E. Blake SA
2003 Welz M. Modulating Application Behaviour For Closely Coupled Intrusion Detection A. Hutchison
2007 Merry B. A Linear Framework for Character Skinning P. Marais and J. Gain SA
2007 Nunez D. A Capacity Limited, Cognitive Constructionist Model of Virtual Presence E. Blake SA/Spain
2007 Patel D.
G. Marsden SA
2007 Arnab A. Towards a General Framework for Digital Rights Management (DRM) A. Hutchison
2009 Walton M.
G. Marsden SA
2009 Vermeulen H.
G. Marsden SA
2009 Tucker B. Softbridge: a socially aware framework for communication bridges over digital divides E. Blake USA
2009 Osunmakinde I. Computational Intelligent Systems: Evolving Dynamic Bayesian Networks A. Bagula NGA
2009 Balikuddembe J. Managing economic value and uncertainty on software projects; an empirical study with the CASSE Framework

2010 Winterbottom C. VRBridge: a Constructivist Approach to Supporting Interaction Design and End-User Authoring in Virtual Reality E. Blake SA
2011 Tunbridge I. Graphics Processing Unit Accelerated Coarse-Grained Protein-Protein Docking M. Kuttel SA
2011 Gitau SW Designing Ummeli: a case for mediated design, a participatory approach to designing interactive systems for semi-literate users G. Marsden
2012 Chepken C Telecommuting in the developing world: a case of the day-labour market E. Blake and G. Marsden KEN
2012 Ladeira IM Simulating storyteller-audience interactions in digital storytelling: questions, exchange structures & story objects

2012 Masinde EMI ITIKI: bridge between African indigenous knowledge and modern science on drought prediction A. Bagula

2012 Boyinbode OK Towards an interactive mobile lecturing model: a higher-level engagement for enhancing learning
2013 Mugwanya R Software support for creating mobile content for education
2013 Mustafa MMA Mixed-language Arabic-English information retrieval H. Suleman SDN
2013 Perkins SJ Field D* pathfinding in weighted simplicial complexes P. Marais and J. Gain SA
2013 Tangkuampien J A community-based approach to new medium integration in South African education: a combination of ICT4D process approach and ethnographic action research techniques
2014 Ssembatya R Designing an architecture for secure sharing of personal health records - A case of developing countries
2014 Wei C Volumetric cloud generation using a Chinese brush painting style
2014 Yinka-Banjo CO Development of cooperative behavioural model for autonomous multi-robots systems (MRS) deployed to underground mines
2014 Ssekakubo G Refactoring learning management systems for multi-device use in developing countries H. Suleman and G. Marsden
2015 Mbogo CC Scaffolding java programming on a mobile phone for novice learners E. Blake and H. Suleman KEN
2016 Mgala M Investigating prediction modelling of academic performance for students in rural schools in Kenya A. Mbogo and H. Suleman KEN
2016 Nleya SM Design and optimisation of a low cost cognitive mesh network M. Keet and A. Bagula ZWE
2017 Isafiade OE Ubiquitous intelligence for smart cities: a public safety approach S. Berman and A. Bagula NGA
2017 Chavula J Improving Pan-African research and education networks through traffic engineering: a LISP/SDN approach H. Suleman and M. Densmore
2017 Dawood ZC A foundation for ontology modularisation M Keet SA
2017 Goss RG APIC: a method for automated pattern identification and classification

2017 Haji HA Investigating mobile graphic-based reminders to support compliance of tuberculosis treatment H. Suleman and U. Rivett

Research Masters Degrees

Year Surname Initials Dissertation Title Supervisors Nationality
1989 Everett Y.L. Implementation of the Larch shared language K. MacGregor SA
1989 Hoffman P.K. A file server for DistriX --- a multi-transputer UNIX system G. de V. Smit SA
1989 McCullagh P.J. DistriX: An implementation of UNIX on transputers G. de V. Smit SA
1989 Norman M.J. SSDE: A Structured Software Design Environment S. Berman SA
1989 Stutz P. Office Automation P. Kritzinger SA
1990 Schuilenburg A. Parallelisation of Algorithms P.  Kritzinger SA
1991 Fair C. A Command and Sequencing Language For Process Control G. de V. Smit SA
1991 Hutchison A. Modelling and Analysis of a Wide-Area Packet-Switched Network P. Kritzinger SA
1991 Wassell M.P. Semantic Optimization in Datalog Programs P. Wood UK
1992 Brand M.M. HOOD: A Higher-Order Object-Oriented Database System and its Implementation P. Wood SA
1992 Donnelly H. XSNAP: A Queueing Network Analysis Package P. Kritzinger SA
1993 Donaldson S. Complexity of Petri Net Transformations P. Kritzinger SA
1993 Zsilavecz G. A structured Syntax-directed Document Preparation System G. de V. Smit Chek
1994 Marais P. Spline Wavelet Image Coding and Synthesis for  a VLSI based Difference Engine E. Blake SA
1995 Maharaj A.A. The Efficient Evaluation of Visual Queries Within a Logic-Based Framework P. Wood SA
1995 Post L. The efficient parallelization of cloud radiation model on a shared memory multi-processor H. Goosen SA
1995 Whateley B. VMTP and TCP/IP'' A comparison of high speed network protocol performance H. Goosen SA
1996 Haley M. Incremental Volume Rendering Using Hierarchical Compression E. Blake SA
1996 Hinz P. Visualizing the Performance of Parallel Programs H. Goosen SA
1996 Knottenbelt W. Generalized Markovian Analysis of Timed Transition Systems P. Kritzinger SA
1996 Paverd W. Information Visualization H. Goosen SA
1996 Polzin D. Visualizing the Memory Performance of Parallel Programs with Chiron H. Goosen SA
1996 Tian X.-J. An Empirical Study of Negation in Datalog Programs P. Wood China
1996 Van der Vlught A. A Distributed Computing Environment Based Object Request Broker K. MacGregor SA
1997 Chavda M. Visually Querying Object-Oriented Databases P. Wood SA
1997 Figueira R. Exploiting persistence in CASE technology S. Berman SA
1998 Geffen N. Pattern Recognition and the Nondeterminable Affline Parameter problem. M. Linck SA
1998 Luppnow A.J. Bottom-up Evaluation of Hilog in the Context of Deductive Database Systems P. Wood SA
1998 Mestern M. Ditributed Analysis of Markov Chains P. Kritzinger SA
1998 Secchia A. Perceptual Refinement for Hierarchical Radiosity E. Blake SA
1998 Templemore-Finlayson J. A Graphical Representation for the Formal Description Technique Estelle P. Kritzinger SA
1998 Wall P. Bisimulation As a Verification and Validation Technique for Message Sequence Charts P. Kritzinger SA
1998 Webb I. An extension to optic flow analysis for the generation of computer animated images E. Blake SA
1999 Bufler S. ROLAND: A Tool for the Realistic Optimisation of Local Access Networks P. Kritzinger SA
1999 Tjasink S. A Lightweight Persistent Java Machine S. Berman SA
1999 Welz M.G. TENTACLE: A Graph Based Database System P. Wood and A. Hutchison SA/DE
2000 Nelte M.A. Using Fingerprints on Smartcards for Personal Authentication A. Hutchison SA
2000 Nunez F. An Extended Spreadsheet Paradigm for Data Visualisation Systems, and its Implementation E. Blake SA/ES
2001 Azbel I. Epistemology as the Basis for a Corporate Memory Model S. Berman SA
2001 Casanueva J. Presence and Co-presence of Collaborative Virtual Environments E. Blake Spain
2001 Davies I. Symbolic Techniques for the Performance Analysis of Generalised Stochastic Petri Nets P. Kritzinger SA
2001 Godfrey A. Distributed Shared Memory for Virtual Environments E. Blake and K. MacGregor SA
2001 Saal O. Visualisation of ATM Network Connectivity and Topology E. Blake SA
2001 Saul E. Facilitating the Modeling and Automated Analysis of Cryptographic Protocols A. Hutchison SA
2001 Voges E. A Framework for Building SpatiotemporalApplications in Java S. Berman SA
2001 Yavwa Y. Investigating Cost Effective Communication Alternatives for Geographically Hostile Regions P. Kritzinger ZMB
2002 Feng J. Visualisation of ATM virtual path connection networks E. Blake China
2002 Johns C. The spatial learning method: facilitation of learning through the use of cognitve mapping in virtual reality E. Blake SA
2002 Schulz M. Garbage collection of the plava object store S. Berman SA
2002 Southern R. Quality control tools for interactive rendering of 3D triangle meshes E. Blake and  P. Marais SA
2002 Williams J. Extraction of surface texture data from low quality photographs to aid the construction of virtual reality models of archaeological sites E. Blake and  H. Rüther SA
2003 Nunez D. A Connectionist Explanation of Presence in Virtual Environments E. Blake SA/ES
2004 Chibesakunda M. Amethodology for analysing power consumption in wireless communication systems P. Kritzinger ZMB
2004 Lesoana M. Interactive Storytelling E. Blake LSO
2004 Lifson F. Specification and Verification of Systems Using Model Checking and Markov Reward Models P. Kritzinger SA
2004 Lyness C. Perceptual depth cues in support of medical data visualisation E. Blake and P. Marais SA
2004 Marte O. Model driven segmentation and the detection of bone fractures P. Marais SA
2004 Perkins S. Identification and Reconstruction of Bullets from Multiple XRays P. Marais SA
2004 Steyn B. Topology alteration of meshes using directly manipulated freeform deformations J. Gain SA
2004 Walters L. Web browsing workload for Simulation P. Kritzinger SA
2004 Wong B. Using access information in the dynamic visualisation of web sites G. Marsden SA
2005 Balikuddembe J. Towards a system redesign for better performance and customer satisfaction: a case study of the ICTS helpdesk at the University of Cape Town A, Potgieter Uganda
2005 Bierowski C. The Use of Floorplans in Creating Virtual Environments G. Marsden SA
2005 Chetty M. Developing locally relevant applications for rural South Afica: a telemedicine example E. Blake SA
2005 De Wet N. Model Driven Communication Protocol Engineering and Simulation based Performance Analysis using UML 2.0 P. Kritzinger SA
2005 Eyambe L. A Digital Library Component Assembly Environment H. Suleman Cameroon
2005 Hamza S. The Subjective Response of People Living with HIV to Illness Narratives in VR E. Blake SA
2005 Hendricks Z. A meta-authoring tool for specifying behaviour in VR environments G. Marsden SA
2005 Landman J. Analytical Models of IP Traffic on UMTS Mobile Networks P. Kritzinger SA
2005 Malan K. Visualising Uncertaintity G. Marsden SA
2005 Ryndina O. Improving Requirements Engineering: An Enhanced Requirements Modelling and Analysis Method P. Kritzinger SA
2005 Schroder R. Laid Back Searching G. Marsden SA
2005 Tangkuampien J. A Virtual Environment Authoring Interface for Content-Expert Authors G. Marsden SA
2005 Tobler B. A Structured Approach to Network Security Protocol Implementation A. Hutchison SA
2006 Cooke R. Link prediction and link detection in sequences of large social networks using temporal and local metrics A. Potgieter and K. April SA
2006 Feng K. Customisable Abstract Representation Layer G. Marsden SA
2006 Ladeira I. Story experience in a Virtual San Storytelling Environment: Virtual Cultural Stories for Teenagers and Young Adults E. Blake SA
2006 Mhlongo S. Flexible Packaging Methodologies for Rapid Deployment of Customisable Component-based Digital Libraries H. Suleman SA
2006 Osunmakinde I. Intelligent Detection of Anomalies in Telecommunications Customer Behaviour A. Potgieter NGA
2006 Rouse C. Schema Matching in a Peer-to-peer Database System S. Berman SA
2006 Verwey J. Speech Perception in Virtual Environments E. Blake SA
2007 de Kadt C. Digital reconstruction of District Six architecture from archival photographs J. Gain and P. Marais SA
2007 Gasant Y. Firewall Information and Security Visualisation G. Marsden SA
2007 Jedeikin J. An Adaptive Agent Architecture for Exogenous Data Sales Forecasting A. Potgieter and K. April SA
2007 Lee K. The Efficient and Cost Effective Asynchronous Mail Sender for Road Warriors G, Marsden Taiwan
2007 Mutuku J.
K. MacGregor SA
2007 Neeser R. A Comparison of Statistical and Geometric Reconstruction Techniques: Guidelines for Correcting Fossil Hominin Crania J. Gain and R. Ackermann SA
2007 Perumal S.
P. Kritzinger SA
2007 Spasic N. Anomaly Detection and Prediction of Human Actions in a Video Surveillance Environment A Potgieter Zimbabwe
2007 van Rooyen R. A Transaction Assurance Framework For Web Service A. Hutchison SA
2008 Nyirenda M. Universal Web Application Server H Suleman ZMB
2008 Brown S. Providing Informational Support to HIV+ Women in a Virtual Environment: A Case Study Comparing the Effects of Virtual Reality and Paper Media for Content Delivery E. Blake SA
2008 McMahon P. Accelerating Genomic Sequence Alignment using High Performance Reconfigurable Computers M. Kuttel SA
2009 Paulse M.
S Berman SA
2009 Jacka D. High-Level Control of Agent-based Crowds by means of General Constraints J Gain SA
2009 Nakashole N. A Hybrid Scavenger Grid Approach to Intranet Search H Suleman NMB
2009 Parker C. P. A lightweight interface to local Grid scheduling systems H Suleman SA
2009 Ogunleye S. O. Supporting Mobile Developers through A Java IDE G. Marsden NGA
2009 Osunmakinde I. Computational Intelligent Systems: Evolving Dynamic Bayesian Networks A. Potgieter NGA
2009 Chong M. K. Usable Authentication for Mobile Banking A. Hutchison
2009 Pileggi P. Cross-Layer RaCM Design for Vertically Integrated Wireless Networks P. Kritzinger
2009 Symington A. A Hardware Testbed for Measuring IEEE 802.11g DCF Performance P. Kritzinger
2010 Eicher A. Active Shape Model Segmentation of Brain Structures in MR Images of Subjects with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder P. Marais
2010 Mokhesi L. Context-Aware Handoff Support for Wireless Access Networks A. Bagula LSO
2010 Mwebaze A. Design of an intelligent parking system using Wireless sensors and Multiprotocol Label Switching A. Bagula
2010 Salazar G. A. DAS Writeback: A Collaborative Annotation System for Proteins E. Blake
2011 Ramuhaheli T. Gesture Based Interface for Asynchronous Video Communication for Deaf People in South Africa E. Blake SA
2011 Reitmaier T. Designing Digital Storytelling for Rural African Communities G. Marsden DE
2011 Smith G. Mobile Media Distribution in Developing Contexts G. Marsden SA
2012 Crumley Z. Voxel-Space Shape Grammars
2012 Nour M. M. An End-to-End Solution for Complex Open Educational Resources H. Suleman Sudan
2012 Paihama J. Meta-standardisation of Interoperability Protocols H. Suleman Angola
2012 Williams K. Learning to Read Bushman: Automatic Handwriting Recognition for Bushman Languages H. Suleman SA
2012 Omar M. Component-based Digital Library Scalability using Clusters H. Suleman SA
2012 Sharpey-Schafer K. A Simulation Model for Evaluating National Patient Record Networks in South Africa H. Suleman SA
2012 Havenga M. Building heritage collections using games on social networks H. Suleman SA
2012 Chissungo EBF Routing Protocols for Meshed Communication, Networks Targeting Communication Quality of Service (QoS) in Rural Areas. E. Blake and H. Le MOZ
2012 Allen, SL
Analyzing the impact of mobile technology of mobile-centric youth in South Africa
2012 Crumley ZPW Voxel-space shape grammers

2012 Isafiade OE Drivable region detection for autonomous robots applied to South African underground mining
2012 Machaka P Situation recognition using soft computing techniques

2012 Mohamed Nour M An end-to-end solution for complex open educational resources H. Suleman SDN
2012 Saunder IA Draggable tag clouds: A dynamic query interface for visual information seeking

2012 Erasmus DJ Video quality requirements for South African sign language communications over mobile phones

2012 Fisher M Performance benchmarking physical and virtual linux environments

2012 Idowu MFl Evaluation of the usability and usefulness of automatic speech recognition among users in South Africa
2012 Marquard SC Improving searchability of automatically transcribed lectures through dynamic language modelling

2013 Asanger S Enhancing security information and event management capability using unsupervised anomaly detection
2013 Kamkuemah MN A study of mobile phone ad hoc networks via bluetooth with different routing protocols
2013 Poulo LBN Cloud computing for digital libraries H. Suleman LSO
2013 Molapo M Enabling the creation and distribution of local digital training content for low literate community health workers
2013 Baxter RJ GPU-based acceleration of radio interferometry point source visibility simulations in the MeqTrees framework M. Kuttel
2013 Burke MJ Enabling anonymous crime reporting on mobile phones in the developing world

2013 Kapuire GK An explorative action research study toward the design of a digital knowledge organisation as part of an indigenous knowledge management system with a Herero community
2013 Mathai NS Molecular modelling of the Streptococcus pneumoniae serogroup 6 capsular polysaccharide antigens M. Kuttel
2013 Mkhwanazi XN Developing and evaluating routing protocols for rural areas that communicatse via data mules

2013 Mulder RL Accelerating point cloud cleaning

2013 Munyaradzi N Transcription of the Bleek and Lloyd Collection using the Bossa Volunteer Thinking Framework H. Suleman ZWE
2013 Mburu CW Enhancing home based care for HIV patients using an advisory expert system
2013 Phiri L Simple digital libraries H. Suleman ZMB
2013 O'Loghlen GP A weather related causal analysis on consolidated delay at Newark Liberty International Airport
2013 Sibande B Open source usability for non-expert users
2013 Harding GL A practical key management and distribution system for IPTV conditional access

2013 du Toit N Designing an interface to provide new functionality for the post-processing of web-based annotations G. Marsden
2014 Clough DM Lattice Boltzmann liquid simulations on graphics hardware J. Gain and M. Kuttel
2014 Kenwood JC Real-time generation of procedural forests P. Marais GBR
2014 Weimar R A simplified game engine for a game development course

2014 Dennie KS Scalable attack modelling in support of security information and event management

2014 Wood DK Fast Galactic structure finding using Graphics Processing Units P. Marais
2014 Workman ML Can health workers capture data using a generic mobile phone with sufficient accuracy for capture at source to be used for clinical research purposes?

2014 Leach CE A GPU-based level of detail system for the real-time simulation and rendering of large-scale granular terrain P. Marais
2014 Maliwatu R Ubiquitous mesh networking: application to mobile communication and information dissemination in a rural context
2014 Martin J Hybrid RFID Sensors: Design, Implementation and Application

2014 Meissner FW Supporting NGO intermediation with internet systems: comparing mobile and web examples for reaching low income urban youth of Cape Town E. Blake
2014 Mullins T Participatory cloud computing: the community cloud management protocol A. Bagula

2014 Ngqakaza L Multi-layered security in the internet of the things A. Bagula

2014 Tuyishimire E Internet of Things: Least interference beaconing algorithms A. Bagula
2014 Forshaw GW Semi-automatic matching of semi-structured data updates P. Marais
2014 Gordon MB A comparison of molecular dynamics force fields through the investigation of the conformation of pneumococcal antigens M. Kuttel
2014 Potgieter A A Parallel Multidimensional Weighted Histogram Analysis Method M. Kuttel
2014 Chetty D Perceptions of cloud computing in the South African government H. Suleman
2015 Badenhorst SJ Acceleration of the noise suppression component of the DUCHAMP source-finder M. Kuttel
2015 Khan HA Advancing security information and event management frameworks in managed enterprises using geolocation A. Hutchison
2015 Kivaisi AR Enabling visually impaired people to use touch screen phones
2015 Schollar CTG RFI monitoring for the MeerKAT Radio Telescope M. Kuttel
2015 le Roux ZJ A research study on how computers can be used as a cognitive tool

2015 Martinez-Farias AD A framework for semi-automated geocoding of data containing South African addresses

2015 Crause J Fast, realistic terrain synthesis P. Marais
2015 Lekena MK Designing mobile multi-touch drum sequencing applications G. Marsden / H. Suleman
2015 Lin TS Accelerating radio transient detection using the Bispectrum algorithm and GPGPU

2015 Wang S Evolving controllable emergent crowd behaviours with neuro-evolution

2015 Maziya LE Access and information flow control to secure mobile web service compositions in resource constrained environments
2015 Chang G Designing an effective user interface for the android tablet environment M. Kuttel
2015 Reddy M SignDln: Designing and assessing a generalisable mobile interface SignSupport

2015 Verster CT On supporting K-anonymisation and L-diversity of crime databases with genetic algorithms in a resource constrained environment

2015 Fenn TK Integrating contextmapping and interaction design: designing with and for small-scale urban farmers in Soweto

2016 Hugo BV Accelerated coplanar facet radio synthesis imaging
2016 Lwabona KM Multitouch-based collaborative pre-visualisation for computer animation
2016 Mazzolini RL Procedurally generating surface detail for 3D models using voxel-based cellular automata

2016 Mohammed AMA Automating user privacy policy recommendations in social media
2016 Ng'ethe GG Design of a mobile support and content authoring tool to support deaf adults training in computer literacy skills E. Blake KEN
2016 Packham SN Crowdsourcing a text corpus for a low resource language H. Suleman SA
2016 Silson SG Interactive simulation and rendering of fluids on graphics hardware

2016 Long HJ Procedurally generated realistic virtual rural worlds
2016 Shunmugam T Adoption of a visual model for temporal database representation M. Keet SA
2016 Mvumbi TV Natural language interface to relational database: a simplified customization approach M. Keet COD
2016 Olojede AO Investigating image processing algorithms for provision of information in rock art sites using mobile devices H. Suleman NGA
2016 van Belle JD Accelerated deconvolution of radio interferometric images using orthogonal matching pursuit and graphics hardware

2016 Bunn TA An automatic marker for vector graphics drawing tasks

2016 Kalan A Understanding merchant adoption of m-payments in South Africa H. Suleman
2017 Bissict JJ Augmenting security event information with contextual date to improve the detection capabilities of a SIEM

2017 Khethisa JA A highly accessible application for detection and classification of maize foliar diseases from leaf images
2017 Mantel JK Investigating the potential for a user-driven electricity monitoring application to provide useful electricity consumption patterns H. Suleman

2017 Maina JK Enhancing digital heritage archives using gamified annotations H. Suleman KEN
2017 Shorten DP Spectral analysis of neutral evolution

2017 Terblanche MTM COLAB: social context and user experience in collaborative multiplayer games

2017 Almukhaylid MM A comparison of socially-motivated discussion forum models for learning management systems H. Suleman SAU
2017 Igboamalu FN Decision tree classifiers for incident call data sets
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