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Introduction to Genetic Algorithms

Prerequisites: Knowledge of a programming language.


Course Objectives: The aim of the course is to introduce genetic algorithms and to give students practical experience in implementing and experimenting with them. The course will equip them to be able to assess the suitability of genetic algorithms for specific problems.


Credits: 2 credits (16 lectures and practical work)


Practicals: One programming assignment and one class presentation. This will involve identifying a problem and implementing a genetic algorithm to solve it. An experiment will be performed and a short report will be submitted. Presentations given earlier will describe the problem and the solution approach under consideration. Presentations given later will place more emphasis on the solution as it will be expected to be well developed by then.


Assessment: The presentation, report and a 2 hour written examination will be used to evaluate the course.


Lecturer or Convener: Dr. A. Mbogho


Course Content: Overview of genetic algorithms; Implementation; available open-source packages; practical programming and testing exercises.


Prescribed Book: Information on online materials and research papers will be provided.


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