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CAcert digital certificate trust

CAcert digital certificate

Free digital Certificates issued by the non-profit community driven certificate authority behave as "self-signed certificates" because most main stream operating systems and web browsers do not distribute CAcert's root certificate. CAcert is working on this issue.


Why we are using CAcert?

because it provides us with an inexpensive way to freely secure our web offerings


How to trust CAcert's root certificate?

Your web browser does not automatically trust digital certificates issued by CAcert

Browse to this SITE for in-depth information on trusting CAcert certificates


Microsoft Windows / Internet Explorer

Download and install CAcert_Root_Certificate.msi


Mozilla Firefox

Browse to

Click on 'Root Certificate (PEM Format)'

Place Check marks in the checkboxes and Click OK

Apple Safari

Browse to the CAcert Root Certificate website

Click to download the 'Root Certificate (PEM Format)' - to your computer

Double click on the 'root.crt' file to launch the Keychain Access application

Select 'System' from the 'Keychain' dropdown list and press 'OK'

After the authentication challenge, the certificate will be installed

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