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Changing your password

This document describes how to change your CS Windows and Unix passwords.

The following procedures require you to already know your account passwords. If you have forgotten either of them and which you have your password reset please contact the appropriate System Administrator.


To change your Windows password, use the password self-service.


To change your Unix password do the following:
  1. SSH into the departmental shell server, To do this, you will need an SSH client. A good SSH client for Windows in Putty. A command-line SSH client, ssh,  is available by default on most unix systems.
  2. Type passwd and press Enter.
  3. At the Enter login(LDAP) password: prompt type in your current password.
  4. At the New password: prompt type in a new password.
  5. At the Re-enter new password: prompt retype the new password you typed in in the step above.
  6. If you did everything correctly you should see the message "passwd: password updated successfully", and your password will have been changed.


To change your UCT password use the UCT Password Self-Service.

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