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Out-of-the-Office Reply

You can setup an out-of-the-office reply - also known as a vacation message - to notify people who send you email that you are away from the office.

To setup your out-of-office reply do the following:

  1. Log into the unix shell server using ssh.
  2. Create a file called .vacation.msg to contain the email you want to have automatically emailed. The contents of the file should look similar to the following:
  3. Subject: Out of the office

    I will be away from the office from 1 January 2008 to 31 December 2008. I am unlikely to read email during this time.

    I will attend to all email on my return.

    Note the blank line between Subject and I will attend...

  1. Create a .forward file similar to the following.
  2. \username, "|/usr/bin/vacation username"

In step 3 above, replace username with your username.

The \username option tells the mail server to keep a copy of the email in your local mailbox. If you would like to forward your email to another email address while you are way, replace \username with an email address.

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