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The Department operates a number of network-attached printers. The printer usage is dependent on the type of user (staff or student) and type of student (Honours or Postgraduate) - refer to the table.

In September 2010, the Department implemented a print accounting system to assist with the management of printing costs and to ensure cost effectiveness. Printing to the printers are enabled through the departments accounting based print servers; \\ (Unix) or \\ (Windows).

The print accounting system is operated in page counting mode.

Please be mindful of the amount you print as you will be asked to justify excessive printing.

Computer Science Building

We currently have printers in the following venues:

Room Room # Permitted Users Printers
Grad Lab 300 Masters and PhD students only anic
Honours Lab 318
Honours students only honslaser
M.IT Lab
Masters in IT students only chalk
Administrative Suite
Staff only graphite
Student Advisors Suite 304 Staff only plato

Click on the venue in the table above to find out more information about the printer and how to configure access to it.

Please note: The Department does not provide printing facilities for Undergraduates (or in the Undergraduate Laboratories). 

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