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Configure printing via Samba to the Windows print server


      Select System Settings                                   Click Printers                                                           Click Add


      Expand Network Printer                                                      Select the HP database for a print driver                             Select LaserJetp3015 as the printer driver

      Select Windows Printer via SAMBA                                         Click Forward                                                                Click Forward  

      Complete the highlighted fields

      Click Forward


       Change to the highlighted options                                        Complete the highlighted input fields                                    Cancel Print Test Page (save paper and toner)

      Click Forward                                                                   Click Apply   



Printer honslaser - successfully installed


To print from most GUI applications, click the applications Print option and select the "honslaser-via-ps0" from the list of available printers.

To print from the command-line using the lpr command as usual eg. lpr -Phonslaser

The print job will be placed in the print queue on your workstation, and held until you authenticate it. To authenticate it, click System > Administration > Printing. The Printing window listing all of the available printers will be displayed.



    Right click on the the printer honslaser                       A list of print jobs will appear                                       Right click on the print job and select Authenticate

    Select View print queue from the menu


Complete the highlighted authentication fields
     Click OK to release the print job

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