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Systems Administrators

The Department of Computer Science employs two in-house Systems Administrators who support the Departments in-house services and liaise with other service providers such as the University's Information and Communication Technology Services (ICTS) and Properties and Services (P&S) departments.

The responsibilities of the Systems Administrators are roughly aligned to their competencies.

  • Unix Systems Administrator
  • Windows Systems Administrator
In general, IT queries should be addressed to, and not to a specific systems administrator.

Unix Systems Administrator

The Unix Systems Administrator is Craig Balfour.
Telephone: +27 21 6503583
Office: Room 305, Level 3, Computer Science Building, Upper Campus, University of Cape Town

Windows Systems Administrator

The Windows Systems Administrator is Samuel Chetty.

Telephone: +27 21 6504749
Office: Room: 313.4, accessed by Room 313 on Level 3, Computer Science Building, Upper Campus, University of Cape Town


Our responsibilities include:
  1. Installing, maintaining, managing and securing the department’s infrastructure.

  2. Responding to day-to-day staff and student IT-related queries, and redirecting queries sent to webmaster to appropriate staff members.

  3. Assisting with research infrastructure including high performance computing clusters.

  4. Supporting and maintaining the Department's Senior Laboratory, Honours Laboratory and the Postgraduate Students Laboratory teaching facilities, including securing and liaising with service contractors.

  5. Creating and maintaining user accounts.

  6. Installing and maintaining software including operating systems, and new versions of teaching software.

  7. Supporting the academic and administrative staff PC, Unix and Apple workstations.

  8. Continually planning and upgrading of departmental computer equipment to accommodate technological change and growth of the department.

  9. Implementing UCT’s policy on Appropriate Use of Computing Facilities

  10. Securing research, teaching, administrative and user data

  11. Installing and maintaining value-added services and facilities as required of a quality Computer Science department

  12. Supporting and accommodating Computer Olympiads, the International Collegiate Programming Competition and similar events held in the department

  13. Handle day-to-day staff and student queries.

  14. Providing a backup to the other Systems Administrator while on leave.

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